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Living for Today

by Kim Blue 09/14/2020

Living For Today

What does living for today mean? 

True positivity, strength and resilience come from living FOR today and not just through it.  Some us live in our yesterdays which there is no way to go back and change.  We can only learn from our yesterdays and move forward.  Some us live in the tomorrow’s and never get there or get there and find that it isn’t any different.  Some of us choose to live for today and make the best out of what could be our last day here on the planet.

All of us only have today –

Today to make a positive choice.

Today to make a difference in our lives or someone else’s.

Today to take just one step in a new direction.

Today to care about one thing that is good in our life.

Today to find something we love about ourselves and embrace it.

Today to find something we find fascinating and focus on it.

Today to find Joy in just the little moments.

Today to find something that makes us smile or laugh.

Today to find something we are grateful for.

There are so many things that we can do TODAY to change what tomorrow can bring, if there is a tomorrow.  If there isn’t a tomorrow, we can feel happy, joy and gratitude with what we had today without any regrets.

Most of you know I try to live in my own little world I call Rainbow Land and Unicorn Ville surrounded by guardian angels.  Where I believe everything truly happens for a reason.  How people are brought into our lives for both a reason or a season, and we need to value that time.  I believe that when there are challenges, we need to overcome them through determination and focus so we grow stronger.  It is always easy to see the negative things in our lives, but I challenge people to ask the question “What can I do with this negative thing to turn it into a positive?”  Can I learn a new skill because of it?  Can I help others now that I have gone through it?  Can I be a better person? 

How can you take the negativity going on in this world to be a light to others?

Sometimes through helping others we can move away from the negative things going on in our own lives to create space for new beginnings in our own lives.

Within a world that lives in fear, negativity, lack and detriment there is always another side we can choose if we choose to stand strong together.  One person can make a difference to another person who can then make a difference to another.  Social Media and the six degrees of separation has taught us we have circles of connections.  Be a light to those Social Circles.  Be authentic through Social Media.  Be there to lift up another.  Each day get up on purpose.

Get up on purpose to find something good either within yourself, your life or your surroundings.  Focus on that JUST FOR TODAY. Embrace it, hold it close, be grateful for it, study it and most of all feel it.  Through this each day that you have will be filled with a smile, a laugh, tears of joy, fill a hole in your heart and allow you to enjoy a moment in TODAY.

Just for TODAY, be content with where you are I this moment.  Do not allow the negativity to drown out the positivity.  For TODAY you are alive! Tomorrow is another day and if you get to tomorrow live it then!

Love you all, Kim Blue







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